Lucille Louise Isensee Yager 1924-2020

Lucille Louise Isensee Yager 1924 – 2020

I am honored to be a member of the Yager family. While each of them is entirely too modest to say, the entire family is special. Together, we have experienced unexpected and unwelcomed loss and lived with life taking illnesses. We have never forgotten to have hope, to remember our loved ones with heart wrenching sadness and to laugh together at our cherished memories. We continue to rejoice in our relationships, our children, and their children, and share our memories with our kin by marriage, myself, Barb, Steve, Karen, Dave, Ray, Greg, Justin, Jeremiah, and Jeff.

No matter what you called them: Lucille and Bob, Mom and Dad, Granny and Granddad, Aunt Lucille and Uncle Bob, we each experienced their tenacity and resilience, we know them for their love of lambs called Sweet Pea and the latest computer program, for their talents to beautifully paint ceramics and the ability to fix any motor on earth, as volunteers at 4-H, the fire department, the zoning board, and as proud Masons and Eastern Star members, and by their work as farmers, gardeners, devil egg and cookie makers, and the school bus driver.

And while the passing of Bob, and now Lucille, marks the loss of the third-generation of Yagers and Isensees who farmed the land, raised cattle, collected maple syrup, sold fresh eggs, sheered sheep, and loved all those cats, it is not near the end of their legacy. We sit here before you saddened, but tomorrow we will cheer Ashlyn as she goes around the track, marvel at Colton’s latest tractor skills, applaud Ethan’s sax playing, watch Linley and Kodie’s dances, sigh as Natalie, Vivian and Rylee go off to the big school, and hold our breaths when Jovie takes her firsts…of everything.   

Today is a memorable day when we honor Lucille, but as Bob and Lucille loved those who had already gone to heaven; we will hold them in our hearts, as they have held ours. 

April 12, 2020, my Mother-in-Law

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