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Remembering Daddy

Why do birds sing without him in the world?How long will it take for my heart to uncurl? When will the sun and the wind give grief space, and be

Lucille Louise Isensee Yager 1924-2020

Lucille Louise Isensee Yager 1924 – 2020 I am honored to be a member of the Yager family. While each of them is entirely too modest to say, the entire

Blue, my heart dog

I close 2015 with our very saddest moments – we lost our beloved boy, Blue in September just a few days after they discovered two masses, thought to be cancer


If I had another chance to laugh
I’d drop the needle on the 78, take a turn on the living room rug
My little white socks step gaily on


The morning sun rises in the gap between the bedroom curtains,
sunlight slices across my face.
My mind stirs slowly through the fog of sleep

Trade and Tryon

I drive my German-touring car to Uptown.My car spends the day sheltered in an underground garage.I’m dressed in my long, leather coat trimmed in black foxand black kid gloves lined

Wendell Carl Murray 1951-2021

My name is Barbara Reese Yager and I’ve known Jackie for 21 years through rescuing dogs.

Holly Suzanne Yager 1983-2002

The low-lying cloud lies on my newly, furrowed field. I breathe in the musty Delta bottom. The low-lying cloud lies on my newly, furrowed field. I breathe in the musty Delta bottom. A puff of Spring breeze conjures up my Holly’s spirit

Bill Baumgaertner 1947-2021

Sandy, this is the moment where your friends have no words, no words that we think will matter to you, or lessen the pain.

Our Girl, Krista

I wake in a morning fog and greet another day.
I feel doom but, don’t know what it is.
Just doom lurking.
My mind darts from side to side,

Nine Eleven

We lie like spoons under mama’s handmade quilt
He inhales the citrus smell of my shampoo
Our old dogs lie snug in their beds
Dreaming of fields full of rabbits