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Women Unleashed

If you were an angler, would you long to see the Green River? And you, River, would you teem with rainbow, brown, and cut-throat trout under whipping winds, rain and

Mangroves and Bonefish

My sneakers shuffle softly over the white sand to push against the tepid ocean water. My shins make a soft, swoosh sound,  as quiet as the ocean waves. My eyes

A Clean Exit

It’s time to go to work. I have the keys, my purse, and my iPhone. I took my vitamins and my allergy pill. Text me. Just let me start the

November 8 – the official day of dunces

DWK – divorced with kids
A small group of men and women in their forties or fifties
We spin between the travel club, the gourmet club and

My Friend Mark

Ply me with laughter around chocolate mousse,  acrobats and wise stories so to know each other well  – well enough. Listen and learn about white or yellow. Wrong numbers. Headings

Hair Mishaps

It happened just before my big holiday party, you know, the one where I invite just everyone, even my work friends from Philadelphia come to see my 1855 restored farmhouse

Hockey – southern style

Takahito Suzuki “Talk ah HEE toe Sah ZOO key” Charlotte’s game is basketball, for the young or couch potato. Every house has a net, every house flies a Blue Devil

Fish Socks

There seem to be so many socks. they come in black and tan by lots. for fishing is their main event to be smelly, stinky, musty, wet! Their trip is

Thumb Wrestling

My pen poises over my mother-in-law’s birthday card. My mind has lost touch. What is the date? I spy it on the calendar, June eleventh. “Dear…” What is her name?

Flesh and Blood

When you see your son, hold him up high, praise the Lord for the miracle of your flesh in another. Let him see the world as fresh and new. Life

Winter Moon

My old dog and I walk the tree lined path. The high winter moon hits the highest point making a lacy pattern of shadows. The hard snow glistens on soft

Nine Eleven

We lie like spoons under mama’s handmade quilt
He inhales the citrus smell of my shampoo
Our old dogs lie snug in their beds
Dreaming of fields full of rabbits