Mangroves and Bonefish

My sneakers shuffle softly over the white sand to push against the tepid ocean water. My shins make a soft, swoosh sound,  as quiet as the ocean waves. My eyes feast on the colors of the ocean, horizon and sky. Clear ice water stretches yards to the turquoise rim. The horizon is marked by a strip of deep emerald green, thin and dark. The lightest blue sky stretches upward to hold fat, white clouds racing in the wind.

My eyes search for silver fins skimming over the water marking long, thin bonefish with their mirrored bodies. They dart! They spook! They run for Cuba!

The line sings as it flies off the reel. He takes me to orange backing, here I have never been before. In paradise. In love. In love with the silver fish.

Circa 1999-2000 Exuma, Bahamas

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