Blue, my heart dog

I close 2015 with our very saddest moments – we lost our beloved boy, Blue in September just a few days after they discovered two masses, thought to be cancer = his dark shadow. I nursed him until he died in my arms. He is buried under the oldest sycamore on our farm with Bess and Baylee. A friend said “he was completely yours… I don’t know that I’ve ever met a dog so obviously loyal to his person.” 

His heart was tied only to his Mommie – his day was good if we were together and if apart, spent waiting to store up for an energetic greeting. He went to the barn to feed, sat at the edge of the riding ring, worked daily under my desk, now occupied by the youngest Airedale. He loved errands to the bank; knew the sound of the deposit drawer with his cookie. He was a hit at the Carolina Feed Store where his poster-sized photo graced the wall. 

He comforted me all through the reruns of cancer in 2003, 2004, 2010 and 2013. For each chemo treatment and scan, he slept in the car with his own water bowl. We walked on hospital grass then jumped back in for the way home.  My one constant comfort. 

He was jealous and protective of me. Would have given his life for me, as I would for him. He was the single reason I got a handgun, protection if my husband were not at home. Someone said, “the pain will never go away but it will get less sharp”. That is true.

I look for him each night for our cuddle and to share our day when I’d whisper, “Mommie loves you, BooBoo“.

Blue, Airedale Extraordinaire 2002-2015

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