Fish Socks

There seem to be so many socks. 
they come in black and tan by lots. 
for fishing is their main event
to be smelly, stinky, musty, wet!

Their trip is but a short hop
from the fish van to the lot. 
They spend the day in rented boot
hoping for the fisher’s hoot. 

I find them in all sorts of places, 
in cars and vans and tiny spaces. 
Hosiery left with no grace. 
Single orphans to replace. 

My husband will never tell
where the socks are hidden well.
Reeking, rank and putrid smells
lead my nose to where they fell. 

Riches of so many feet. 
washed in Tide and Snuggle sheets,
through the washer then the heat.
Scores of socks come out neat. 

Stocking, hose or bobby sox,
can’t compare to fishing socks. 
Foul, bizarre, repulsive odors 
make you utter “What aroma!”

Circa 1999- present

​Story inspirations and ideas are my own. Thus, positive reactions are welcome. Criticism not.