Hair Mishaps

It happened just before my big holiday party, you know, the one where I invite just everyone, even my work friends from Philadelphia come to see my 1855 restored farmhouse in Bethlehem.

The house is gorgeous. The pink carnation living room glows. Pink flowers dance on the dining room walls. The crystal chandelier radiates. Wide plank floors shine. Original bubble glass glistens. The pineapple decoration over the rose colored front door says it all. Tiny handmade quiches await the oven.

Mom knitted an ivory silk sweater to go with my peach silk pants. At my last fitting, I noticed my hair was looking just a bit faded, tired, like the garden after a hard frost.

Frost, humm. Good idea.

With my new outfit bagged, I stop at the store to pick up a box of frosting. You know, for my hair. After just a few minutes of pulling the dye through, I jump in the shower and out into my big white fluffy robe. When I unwind the towel, my hair was green. Yes, the color of split pea soup, green.

After a few anxious moments, I dig the box of Clairol from the garbage can. Phone the Clairol hotline. It was a metal reaction. Apply Metalex. Poof! Party ready.

Circa 1987 ~ Bethlehem. Pennsylvania

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