Hockey – southern style

Takahito Suzuki “Talk ah HEE toe Sah ZOO key”

Charlotte’s game is basketball, for the young or couch potato. Every house has a net, every house flies a Blue Devil or Wolf Pack. We don’t like ice, except in our sweet tea. When Charlotte freezes over, we all stay home. Except, ice hockey thrives in Charlotte.

Amongst the Canadians, Swedes, and a Russian, a thin man of speed fascinates.  Takahito  Suzuki, born and raised in Japan, brings excitement to the old Coliseum. Like Harry Potter’s Nimbus 2000, Suzuki flies on ice in a blur. His muscle memory makes him a natural, scoring a hat-trick in his first game period. He leads the team in goals; an All-Star performer. His dream to play with the world’s best begins with one step or 40 bus rides. On the road to his fantasy, he meets the Bullies, Cottonmouths, Renegades and Nailers.

At 27, fast feet, quick stick work and a nose for the goal proves him a delight to watch. The crowd drops its southern reserve to shout Ta-ka-hi-to.

He shoots; he scores y’all.

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