I heard you laugh today, a big belly laugh from the bottom of your toes. I looked over to the rack of flies and wondered you who sees the difference between elk and deer hair, how much longer will it take to see me? I am just an angler in weekend hair and no makeup, and thick Gap socks who prefers barns and streams to expensive restaurants. I watch you laugh with the big-hair, made-up, gym-wise girl. Am I so quiet as to be invisible?

Over scotch on a shiny bar, I tease you with little mercy. What do you do late at night when everyone goes home? Why do you go to faraway places to hunt and fish? Is Orvis a good place for bones? You never fail the query, but do you notice the interest?

Again and again, I pull out a girl’s secret art. I kneel at your knee and bat my big blues. My legs stalk you at the Trout Unlimited banquet. I wear the purple-power-suit to the store and you – behold me not.

What will it take to turn your head from bottle-blondes and redheads? I wonder out loud who is at stake and when can I take her place?

Circa 1998 ~ 1999 to my Darling Don

​Story inspirations and ideas are my own. Thus, positive reactions are welcome. Criticism not.