Nine Eleven

September 11. 2001 8:46 AM ET

We lie like spoons under mama’s handmade quilt. He inhales the citrus smell of my shampoo.
Our old dogs lie snug in their beds dreaming of fields full of rabbits.

My eyes are wide open. My mind drifts outward to understand the day of 9/11.

Where do I connect in a society of mad men for God? Is there room in my mind for
deadly deeds causing planes to crash into buildings? What causes the mind to kill for justice?

Shall I stay on this path of disconnection to lose precious time with my husband, son, friends? How do I touch 3,000 strangers? What do I think of falling buildings? Where do I go to be safe? Where is my son?

In the cuddle of big, burly arms. In my son’s hello as he picks me off my feet. In my friend’s embrace. In my dog’s kind face.

Live life fully. They would.

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