November 8 – the official day of dunces

DWK – divorced with kid. A small group of men and women in their forties or fifties
We spin between the travel club, the gourmet club and INTROS, a social introduction agency for busy singles age over 40. We are hungry and intense. I get a date.

We choose a low-pressure first trial, the movies. Early matinee – cheap seats. He brings candy to avoid the concession line. No need for conversation.

Second date: A day of walking his country property. Beginning with a lovely long breakfast at – – Bojangles? With coupons for a country egg and sausage biscuit a touch of grease to start your day of wood chopping and loading the stockpile for his wood stove. Whew! Was this a workday?
How about lunch? I have a BOGO at Chik Filet?

Third time’s the charm. A double date with my neighbors. Theatre and dinner – elegant and proper. The dine-around coupon book dictates the restaurant. Complimentary theatre tickets from my work. A rousing dispute over the bill; a scene over the 10% missing discount. A silent ride home.

“Why isn’t this working?”, he asks.
What a dunce.

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