Throwing Back Shots

I was living outside Lansing where the winters are dark, cold and long. We have a huge football stadium, a great debate team, and well-known parties.

A spring day is especially delicious when sitting on the sidewalk of a Mexican bar. My best girlfriends make merry as we enjoy the college town view – cut off shorts, skinny strap tees and strappy sandals

I was doing tequila shots for my birthday, really, it seemed like a good idea at the time when across the bar comes this good-looking guy carrying his own shot glass. Who says,

“Do you want to know the right way to do shots?”

“Ah, sure”, I stammer.

He leans over,  licks my neck,  sprinkles salt, sucks it off and throws back the shot.

There was a moment of silence just before the entire bar breaks out cheering, hooting and hollering, like Spartans in the Coliseum. I am speechless; I see only his soft, deep blue eyes.

Two people in the middle of a noisy college bar and I knew, right then, IT WAS HIM. For better or worse, to have and to hold, father of my children. Our lifetime journey began with one sloppy neck kiss. That’s how I’ll tell our story.

Circa 2001 as told by dear friends Sara and Dan

​Story inspirations and ideas are my own. Thus, positive reactions are welcome. Criticism not.