Wendell Carl Murray 1951-2021

My name is Barbara Reese Yager and I’ve known Jackie for 21 years through rescuing dogs.

Though I stand here alone, I represent the women we have worked with for years. The sisters-Barbara Lawson, Pat Painter, Pat Hariston, Claire, Cyn and Christina, Mary Mc and Marty, Gail, Sue Taylor and Susan Bring. And our newest sisters, Kelly and Julie.

We all want to give you a long, hard hug and whisper in your ear “It will be OK”. Not because we wish it, because we know. All our shared stories – a bad diagnosis, bygone loves, stressful jobs and the heart wrenching loss of our beloved Airedales tell us- you will be OK.

Most of us had a parent, friend, or partner who filled the holes in our hearts. Holes we would not acknowledge or articulate. A few of us have partners who are our soulmates. These relationships are enviable. Our husbands are our rocks.

A good husband says “I have your back. I do what you want without being asked, especially when you can’t”. When we are in a ditch, a good husband shows up with the biggest shovel you have ever seen and digs and digs and digs until you stand on firm ground, again. When we are upset and talk and talk and talk, a good husband waits for the silence and leans over to hold our hand. Though it is said “You must be a whole person before you enter a relationship”, I have found that a good husband offers a deep security for you to be “The best you can be.”

Although Wendell was not able to leave his wishes, he did one better. He left you 37 years of living the best life. He opened the bottle of red wine to celebrate a day with you. He drove hours with an anxious, whining dog to the beach, because you both love to play. He opened your eyes beyond Memphis, and he took up the songs in the music of your lives.

A good husband leads with one message “You are enough.” And there is no doubt that Wendell gave you 37 years of loving you. Jackie, you are enough.

October 11, 2021 dear friends Jackie & Wendell

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